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Knarkz Solutions is UK based Mobile / Web Development company. We specialize in comprehensive range of software services for individuals, small and medium scale businesses. Our years of industry exposure has given us a thorough understanding of how important has it become for modern businesses to adopt and adapt to ever evolving technological trends and practices. That’s why we are here with total conviction, determination and preparation to assist businesses in bringing out their full potential by converging to the most updated, efficient and cost effective means and resources.


Every organisation looking for true success and prosperity cannot survive or thrive without a set of underlying core principles, which are meant to serve as their guideline and inspiration to progress. Ours are:

Opportunity: We are here to help identify and capitalize the right opportunities for our clients. Enabling them to have a competitive technological advantage.

Integrity: We will always maintain our integrity. We Know how to keep a promise and deliver the best service.

Reliability: We will be your reliable business partner and solution provider. Our relationship never ends rather begins after delivery.

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L2-8 The Ivy Business Centre, Failsworth, Manchester, England, M35 9BG

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