Project Based Enagement

This is the most commonly used model. Based on the customer’s requirements KNARKZ SOLUTION helps to estimate the capacity and timelines required to deliver a certain project and/or engage in a time-material model on agile principles.

Delivering a clear proposal and upon your agreement, project start. Depending on your preference , proposal can be based on a fixed price, time-material or a combination.

Organisation Extension Model

  • Organisation Extension Model (EOM) is simply put an expansion of  your current organisation human resource at a considerable low cost utilising offshore resources
  • You expand your organisation overseas/offshore
  • Single point of contact
  • Payroll is managed by Knarkz Solutions offshore which allows considerable saving of hiring additional resources onshore
  • Covers both permanent and contract resources
  • Extend whole or part of the project activity


When multiple projects are frequently executed for a particular customer it may be beneficial for both parties to establish a partnership.

A partnership is always a tailor made agreement that aims at commercial, operational and financial efficiency for both the customer and Knarkz Solutions.

A framework agreement can be signed to prevent too much overhead for each individual project and a maintenance agreement can be made part of the partnership as well.

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